Umesh Upaadyay is a Life Coach, Consultant & Motivational speaker

He firmly believes, your present state does not depict what your highest potential is. Irrespective of the situation you are in, it can definitely be altered for better.

Umesh works to develop people on their personal & professional aspects of life, for a contended living. This is achieved with the application of assessments, tools & strategies, for extraordinary results and an overall personal fulfillment.

Over the last couple of years, he has directly impacted many lives across personal development, effective communication, managing relationships, career & elevating performance levels.


He has a long list of Clients, be it a student, a professional or someone just looking out for direction in life. The only pursuit of life should be to experience it and live life with your highest potential. Be continuously aware about self & in union with the environment you live in.

Personal coaching acts as an external encouragement in managing various aspects of life, which when addressed well, leads to a joyful life.

Profession, Communication, Love & Relationship, Marriage, Parenting & Social.


Life coaching for you :

  • If you wish to understand self, experience self and desire to look out for higher possibilities in life.
  • If you view life as an opportunity and a process to know & imbibe learning and awareness for a happy & contended stay 
  • If you are not contended even after having reached, where they wanted to see self & possess urge for more knowledge.
  • If you see life as an opportunity to keep learning. Their aspirations have been to master life and live it "full fledged".
  • If you wish to keep on adding more and more to self, so as to assist others, in whatever they have understood, learnt and practiced on life stage.
  • If you are interested in giving yourself a certain advantage or edge in dealing effectively with and embracing change.
  • If you are curious to know more & extract more from life, keeps them going.

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Umesh Upaadyay’s voluntary sessions

It has always been our endeavour to support nonprofit institutions / organizations / people to assist
in whatever we can with workshops and trainings to enhance well-being and performance.

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